Between April and September is without a doubt the most popular time for weddings and we are fortunate to be located on top of a hill surrounded by breathtaking scenery. You will find tranquility and a truly unique landscape. The view is of the Maritime Alps and the Cottian alps and the orderly vineyards which lay gently on the Langhe hills.

The splendid summer terrace will accommodate your guests for a pleasant and unforgettable day: the wide open spaces will allow you to be free to create the best possible atmosphere to ensure that the most important day of your life will be an everlasting memory for both you and your guests.

We firmly believe that quality and competence are essential components for a service which can achieve excellence.

Our menus are developed and processed using ingredients firmly anchored to the land that surrounds us and are linked to each season in order to achieve the utmost expression of taste.

Creating the menu is a very important phase for us. We love to get together with our clients to study their proposals which are customized according to their preferences and the advice of our experience can provide. We prepare food with simplicity and elegance.

We always offer several catering solutions, from the classic wedding reception to a more modern one; we tailor each menu to each customer's needs.

Some Reception Examples


Important cocktail/appetizer buffet
(25/30 types)

Main course served at the buffet

Huge American-style wedding cake or
Sweets buffet

(please note seating is available for all guests)


Important cocktail/appetizer buffet
(20 types)

Served at the table: 2 main course tasters

Second course with side dish

Huge American-style wedding cake


Cocktail buffet
(7/10 types)

Served at the table : 2 antipasti

2 main course tasters

Second course with side dish

Huge American-style wedding cake

There is a full range of preparations which go from classic right up to modern styles. They are created from vegetables, meat and fish: the buffet offers cold dishes and the hot dishes will be served gradually, a bit at a time.

In addition, based on the number of guests, we can set up one or two areas dedicated to serving cocktails at the buffet.

Depending of the dishes that are requested: usually a main course and second dish, they will be prepared and portioned in front of the diners.

Our "huge American-style wedding cake" is made in collaboration with our trusted pastry shop where we can discuss with the baker the type of cake you prefer.

Our reception proposals are initially put forth without any wine combinations. The wines can be chosen from our wine list once the wedding dinner menu has been established; wines will be charged based on consumption.

Should you decide to bring your own wine, a surcharge will be added to the final bill for serving the wine.

The terrace area is organized in such a way as to be able to listen to music in the background during the meal, however you are completely free, if you feel it appropriate, to put on live music. You need only agree with the musicians the SIAE rights payment.

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