E-Bike rentals

For lovers of hiking and biking

For lovers of hiking and biking, but also for the less energetic, as of today the Vigneto di Roddi is offering mountain bike rentals, with pedal assistance, so you can tackle all the Langhe hills without any difficulty.

The UNESCO Langhe hills are a magnificent territory, perfect to be discovered by bike. Regardless of the numerous hills, the itineraries are never too difficult, because the slopes on the road stretches are never too long. Mountain bikes with electric pedal assistance are a great ally for “climbing” even the highest of peaks.

For your safety, the bike rental also includes a cycling helmet.

In addition, you can request a certified guide who can help you program and take you on the tour of your choice. 

Rental details

Bikes can be rented either daily or weekly, at the following prices:

 Bike Rental
1 day40,00 €
2 days70,00 €
3 days90,00 €
1 week175,00 €

Tours with a certified guide take place from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., with a maximum of 8-10 people.

The guide’s fee is 150.00 € per day.

The bike rental always includes the use of the safety helmet.