Welcoming you at Il Vigneto, we offer a sequence of dishes respecting the magnificent land that we host… but never forgetting everything there is over

The dishes indicated with the letter T can be served with the addition of truffle


“fassona” veal meat
tartare chopped by knife T

vitello tonnato
new generation

artichoke pie with whipped cod fish
in extravergin olive oil and “bagna caôda sauce” T

calf sweetbreads
scallops and jesrusalem artichoke T

whipped egg
cooked in the oven with cheese fondue T

fried prawns
breaded with hazelnuts
€2,5 (each)


risotto with chanterelle mushrooms
and offal meat (minimum 2 people )

homemade chestnut ravioli pasta
filled with piedmontese ricotta cheese and pumpkin
€ 16

homemade tagliolini pasta
with veal meat and sausages sauce
or just with butter T

home made gnocchi
stuffed with quail egg yolk T
€ 16

tripe and chickpeas soup

Main Course

Half cooked veal fillet
with cheese fondue, boiled egg and crispy potatoes chips T

gratin snails
with butter and aromatic herbs

veal tong
with goose liver and green piedmontese sauce

veal nose
braised in nebbiolo wine

duck breast
with overcooked grape must and local fruits

Cheese selection

Cow’s Milk

Taleggio: minimum aging 40 days, Pontirolo Nuovo (BG)

Robiola contadina: minimum aging 20 days, Campagna Pinerolese (TO)

Plaisentif, minimum aging 2 months, Pracatinat, Val Chisone (TO)

Blu del Moncenisio: minimum aging 3 months,  border Piedmont/France

Just Castelmagno

Selection of 3 different aging 

Castelmagno “Des Martin”, Fraz.Valliera, Castelmagno (CN)
served with chestnut honey

Goat Milk

Robiola di Roccaverano: minimum aging 15/20 days, Roccaverano (CN)

Cevrin di coazze: minimum aging 3 months, Giaveno (TO)

Caprini di Netro: aging 20-60 days, Valle Elvo (BI)

Caprella: minimum aging 1 month, Moncenisio

Sheep Milk

Toma il Sasso: minimum aging 4 months, Valle Magra (CN)

Frabosana: minimum aging 30 days, Chiusa Pesio (CN)

Tuma d’Fe: minimum aging 30 days, Bossolasco (CN)

Pecora Blu: minimum aging 90 days, Alta Valle Elvo (BI)

We pair our cheese with our homemade “cugnà“, a compote of slow cooked must (of Nebbiolo grapes) with quince, golden apples, madernassa pears, figs, hazelnuts and walnuts.


Small selection (5 pieces) € 7

Medium selection (7 pieces) € 9

Big selection (9 pieces) € 13


the 7 deadly sins turns in 7 dessert

home made panettone with raisin, chocolate chips and chinato-wine served with tobacco ice cream

“l’uovo del gallo”
white chocolate egg with nougat mousse and zabaione’s yolk T

persimmon sorbet
marroni and rum gelatine

warm “gianduia” chocolate pie
with hazelnut ice cream and caramel

la grande verticale
big selection of fresh fruit sorbets (8 little tastes)

la mini verticale
small selection of fresh fruit sorbets (4 little tastes)

cup of zabaione and biscuits T
€ 7,00

With sweets, a glass of wine…

Passito di Gewurztraminer “Chantus”, Colterenzio €8

Passito di Moscato €5

Remember “muffato” 80% sauvignon 20% semillion Podere Rocche dei Manzoni €14

Passito di Noto “Scaramozzo” Rudinì (Pachino) €6

Barolo chinato €5

Pedro Ximénez Solera Alvear €9

Moscato d’Asti €4